Ships in Bottles... The dripping is a symbolize of patience of the sib-master ...with all that flows from this...    

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The dripping is a symbolize of patience of the sib-master

...The Tubular Tools

By Artem Popov

The tools for ship-in-bottles makers

For devising new tools you may put away your long tweezers. Take some a long tubes (copper or brass) with different diameters and turn round and round in your hands. At once you will be wanting to make anything with this tubes. This is tools what I made from some tubes: All the tools can be any long from 5cm. to 5m. and all the tools can be used with one hand.

Fig. 1 Very simple tool. Use - for taking mast and other. To pull both thread - to take mast. To pull one - to free mast.

Fig.2 Use - for taking small details. To move forward external tube - to take detail. To remove external tube - to free detail.

Fig.3 Use-for taking small details and threads. To move forward internal pivot - to take detail. To remove internal pivot - to free detail.

Fig.4 Use - for cutting threads. Make like fig.2. Then the internal pivot with the razor turn around.

   Ships in Bottles ...with all that flows from this.    
  by Artem Popov
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