Ships in Bottles... The dripping is a symbolize of patience of the sib-master ...with all that flows from this...  

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The dripping is a symbolize of patience of the sib-master
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...How to put the ship
in a bottle?

There are many methods for putting a ship in a bottle. The secret of getting the ship in a bottle is the masts. The simplest and most widespread way of inserting a ship into a bottle is turned back masts with a long thread running out of the bottle neck. The mast has a hinge at the bottom, which permits the mast to easily lie back. There are many different types of hinges which could be used. When you pull the thread that is running out of the bottle neck, the mast is raised to a vertical position. It is necessary afterwards to cut this thread.

Hinge types:

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   Ships in Bottles ...with all that flows from this.
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